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Sustainable Use of Preservatives in Wet Cleaning Wipes

ABSTRACT: Consumers have come to expect certain key attributes from wet cleaning wipes relative to their intended  use, such as soil removal capacity, anti-static properties, streak-free shine, etc. Additionally, environmental  acceptability, including the sustainable use of raw materials, is becoming a decisive factor for many customers.
The synergistic combination of benzisothiazolinone (BIT), methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and bis(3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine (BDA) has been shown to minimize the level of biocidal actives needed for preservation. With this new sustainable “full-life” protection concept, it is possible to control waterborne contaminations and microbially polluted natural nonwovens by adding a single, optimized dosage of preservative. Along with the economic and product safety improvements, this approach fulfills the demand for eco-labels, like European Flower and the White Swan, as well as the stringent requirements of the German Öko Test magazine.