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Multicentre Trial on Standardisation of a Test Soil of Practical Relevance for Comparative and Quantitative Evaluation of Cleaning Pursuant to EN ISO 15883 – Description of Test Procedure

J. Köhnlein, R. Glasmacher, V. Heide, D. Kunde, M. Mohr, D. Otto, M. Pieper, K. Roth, J. Staffeldt, P. Tiarks, S. Wagenknecht, H.-P. Werner, W. Michels

The ad hoc group ”Test soils and methods“, part of the standards committee NA Med 063-04-09 of the DIN, had reported in a previous edition of this journal initial results of a multicentre trial with an ”in vitro reference system“ for the comparative evaluation of test soils for testing the cleaning performance of washer-disinfector appliances (WD) according to EN ISO 15883-1 and ISO/TS 15883-5. Exploratory information about materials and methods was given there. This contribution now gives detailed information on the execution of the tests.