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Dosage and Selection of Detergents and Disinfectants

M. Mohr

Before one can think about dosage (dose quantity) of a detergent or disinfectant, one must first of all select these products. But when making this selection one should not disregard the technical information relating to dosage (powder or liquid product; maximal possible dose quantity).

Selecting detergents and disinfectants

The choice of detergent and disinfectant will depend on a number of factors, hence the following issues must be clarified:

- What medical devices are to be processed?
- Can these be subjected to thermal disinfection (93°C) and also the thermal sterilisation
  (steam sterilisation)?
- What risk is posed by the materials to be processed?
- What technical facilities are available for processing and what processing methods are to
  be used?
- Is material compatibility assured, e.g. in respect of alkaline products?

The recommendations and memoranda of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) will help to provide answers to these questions (see under References).

Risk assessment can be carried out for the medical devices to be processed by referring to the RKI recommendation "Hygiene Devices". According to this, devices are classified into uncritical, semicritical and critical, with examples of each category being given. A further distinction is made on the basis of the diverse processing requirements (A - no particular requirement; B - more stringent requirements).

This recommendation also gives preliminary information on the chemical composition of potential detergents and disinfection, while also pointing out those substances that appear to be unsuitable...